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With Over 30 years of experience, you may never find a more qualified foundation repair specialist working on your home.

Williamson Foundation Repair’s goal is to develop an un-matched reputation in the foundation repair industry as the leader in service, quality, competency, and caring. We strive to be a company our competitors aspire to become, and their employees seek to join as we single-handedly change the public’s perception of the word “Contractor”.


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5225Roger Williamson founded Williamson Foundation Repair in June 1985 as a summer job. Recognizing the need for local expertise in countering the expansive nature of the soils in the Dallas area, Roger went into business full-time after graduating from Baylor University. Since then, Williamson Foundation Repair has been recognized among the leading foundation repair specialists in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Today, Roger Williamson continues to personally supervise many jobs. With over 30 years of experience, you may never find a more qualified foundation repair specialist working on your home! Williamson Foundation Repair installs all 3 primary types of piers: Concrete Pressed Pilings, Drilled Concrete Piers, and Double-Walled Steel Piers. We only recommend the type of pier that will provide a long-term solution to your unique foundation problems, but we also try to provide the adequate solution at a reasonable price – we never “up-sell” the most expensive pier! In addition, we pride ourselves on our minimally-destructive approach to your yard. We strive to leave your home looking the same as when we arrived…except that your problems are fixed.

Williamson Foundation Repair continues to set the pace in the industry through experience and innovation. By offering a full range of solutions and prevention measures Williamson can handle all your foundation, settlement, drainage, and prevention needs! Experience and innovation is why Williamson is The Most Trusted Name in Foundation Repair!

Financing Available

We offer several programs including an 18-month no-interest option! Contact us for more information here3189

Williamson Foundation Repair backs up all of its’ work with a TRUE Lifetime Warranty without all the Loopholes! The warranty is straight-forward: if a pier fails…we fix or replace it. There are NEVER any fees! There are no requirements to transfer our warranty to new owners – it simply stays with the house. And we NEVER charge a fee to adjust our piers if needed. Since we began tracking in 1992, our warranty call-back rate is just under 1% of all the piers we have installed. Compare warranties and you’ll see why Williamson is the most trusted name in foundation repair!



Here’s what Other Companies make you do to transfer their warranty:

1. You or your client call the foundation company to request the warranty transfer paperwork.

2. You wait for the paperwork to arrive.

3. You gather all the requested information from the buyers and sellers to fill in the paperwork.

4. You complete the forms and send it back IN THE TIME ALLOTED.

5. You call the foundation repair company to see if the paperwork has been received and get confirmation of transfer.

6. Often, your client must pay a transfer fee (typically around $100-500 or more) to transfer the warranty to the buyer.

7. If all of these conditions are not met within the time allotted by the foundation repair company (typically within 30 days of date of sale), the warranty is void and cannot be re-instate


Here’s how the ASSUMABLE WARRANTY from Williamson Foundation Repair works:

You don’t have to do a thing!  Our warranty stays with the home and is automatically assumed by any and all subsequent owners.  No forms… no fees… no kidding


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