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Foundation Repair Frisco Texas

Frisco, Texas, is a great place to live and work! Located on the far north side of the Dallas Metroplex, Frisco, Texas, is home to the Dallas Cowboys, Stonebriar Centre, iFly indoor skydiving, the Dr Pepper Ballpark, and The Star sports and entertainment complex. From shopping, to dining, to entertainment – Frisco, Texas, has it all!

These and many other reasons are why Frisco is the city of choice for tens of thousands of home owners. The location, schools, access, and amenities are hard to beat. But the high-clay content soils which comprise most of Frisco, Texas, wreak havoc on concrete slab foundations.

While construction techniques and soil preparation methods have improved over the past few decades, foundation settlement is still a major problem and a major concern for most home owners in Frisco.

Nearly all homes in Frisco, Texas, have monolithic concrete slab foundations. Those built prior to 1980 are typically conventionally-reinforced slabs (meaning a close grid system of steel rebar was used to reinforce the concrete), while most built after 1980 are a post-tension slab (meaning that steel cables are utilized to provide reinforcement to the concrete). Both designs of concrete slab are equally prone to settlement and movement induced by clay-soil movements. As Frisco is a somewhat recently developed community, by far the majority of homes were built within the past 2 decades and utilize a post-tension slab design.

Our research indicates that of the roughly 50,300 single-family homes in Frisco, Texas, approximately 2.7% of them will have foundation repair work performed each year. This number was reached by researching the number of foundation permits issued in several sample periods, and then increasing that number by 40% to account for jobs done without a permit (YES – there are unethical foundation repair companies out there who do not follow the rules). Frisco DOES require a permit be issued for foundation repair work, AND that the foundation repair contractor be qualified, insured, and registered with the city.

While the average foundation repair cost reported on these permits in Frisco, Texas, was just over $9000, the average job performed by Williamson Foundation Repair last year was under $7000.

Williamson Foundation Repair offers free evaluations for slab foundation home owners in Frisco, Texas, and we offer a Lifetime Warranty on the steel piers and concrete pressed piling piers we install.

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