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Foundational Issues Happen

The more firm a home’s foundation, the better value it commands in the market, and the safer it is. But foundational issues happen. Addressing them is something many homeowners fear because of anticipated costs. Still, those expenses may not be as bad as you fear.

At Williamson Foundation Repair, we provide free evaluations and advice to both repair foundations and assist you in avoiding expensive issues as time goes by. Here we’ll explore why costs vary, and what you might expect.

Not All Piers Are The Same

Different piers have different designs and attributes, and that means costs can vary. There are “cheap” pier options – but we won’t use them. We deal only in quality. Remember: “cheap, good, and fast”; you can only have two.

All homes have different circumstances and have different needs. We strive to recommend the pier best suited for your home at the lowest possible cost, and that’s why we offer a free evaluation. Foundation repair can be expensive, but it isn’t always as costly as you expect.

What To Expect

In the eighties, people thought foundation repair would be $10k. Today, they think it’s $20k to $50k, depending on the home. However, our average foundation repair cost was $5,700, as of 2018.

While $5,700 is no small sum, it certainly falls well below the $20,000-50,000 cost that many homeowners expect.  And although insurance rarely covers the cost of foundation repair, Williamson Foundation Repair does offer affordable financing options for almost everyone.

A Trusted Foundation Solution

Williamson Foundation Repair is the most trusted name in foundation repair for a reason and has been since 1985. We won’t give you sub-par foundation solutions, we will give you a fair price and results you can rely on. Contact us for a free evaluation, and odds are, the cost may be more affordable than you expect.


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