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Is Foundation Repair Worth it

Roger Williamson is back, bringing you some more facts about foundation repair! Now for the question of the day, is foundation repair really worth it’s cost? A majority of the time, the simple answer is a resounding, YES! Here are a few common reasons that support the benefits of repairing your foundation when it needs it.

Reason #1 – Your house is your BIGGEST investment!

Foundation problems don’t equate to just one event that happened. Typically, once a foundation starts to settle it will continue to do so over time. It will worsen and ultimately affect larger areas of your home to a greater degree. Think of it as like a cavity in your tooth. If left untreated and ignored, that cavity continues to grow and eventually that small fix becomes you needing a major root canal or a crown, maybe even an implant! The same principles apply to foundation repairs; if you don’t catch the problems early on and fix them appropriately, the problems will continue to get worse and cost you more money in the end. If you neglect the repairs needed for your foundation, you could be setting yourself up for a large expense in the future. When looking at it from an investment standpoint, foundation repairs are definitely worth it!

Reason #2 – Your livability in your home will be affected!

The condition of your foundation directly correlates to the livability of your home. When you find yourself being unable to properly shut the doors to your bedroom, you will definitely start to understand why it’s important to maintain your foundation! If your foundation shifted, it may even start to disrupt the security of your home, making it so that you can’t properly secure your main doors and windows.

Reason #3 – Selling your home with foundation problems can be a nightmare!

If you try to sell your house with foundation problems, chances are your home will not pass the inspection. Before selling, you’ll have to fix the issues. While already being stressed about moving, you don’t want to add this to your plate. For the sake of your resale value and to avoid getting stuck with last-minute repairs, taking care of your foundation repairs early on is definitely a must.

Each foundation is different, therefore some issues may not need to be addressed immediately. Being aware of an approaching problem is the first step, so getting a good contractor who knows what they are doing, or even in some cases a structural engineer, to come out and evaluate your foundation is a great place to start! Williamson Foundation Repair has been serving the DFW metroplex since 1985. We specialize in educating, providing homeowners with tools and a good understanding of foundation problems, foundation repairs, and drainage corrections. By having a good knowledge of these problems, you will be able to better avoid the problems that come with owning a home and it’s foundation. Check out our Youtube channel for more great tips and tools that we have gathered in the over 35 years we have been in business!


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