How to Care for Your Home’s Foundation

1. You should always use the round, porous hose and not the flat hose with holes on top. The porous hose allows water to “ooze” out evenly along the length of even a very long section of hose, and allows you to turn the water valve on full without the concern of uneven water distribution.

2. The soaker hose should be placed approximately 8-12″ away from the foundation – not right against the home. You do not have to water across driveways or patios, but watering around patios (as if they were an extension of your foundation) will help to keep them more stable as well.

3. The soaker hose should be used at the coolest part of the day, as feasible, to prevent large amounts of evaporation and give the most benefit to the soils. Battery powered timers (available in the garden center near garden hoses at Home Depot or Lowe’s) are an inexpensive way to “remember” to water, as well as allowing you to water during the coolest times of day.

4. The soaker hose should be used for 30 – 60 minutes (increase by 30 minutes in areas with large bushes or a lot of foliage) all the way around the home under the following schedule:
a. Below 60° days: usually unnecessary unless we are in a drought.
b. 60°-75° days: 1 time per week if no sprinkler system
c. 75°-95° days: 2 times per week (staggered)
d. 95° and higher: 3 times per week (staggered)