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3 Tips to Hiring Foundation Repair – Part 2

Choosing the right foundation repair company is crucial for the safety of your home. Our previous post on what to look for when picking a foundation repair company is one of our most popular, so here are three more ways to find the right foundation contractors for you: Click to watch our 3-minute video Expect […]

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3 Tips to Hiring a Foundation Repair Company

When you’re choosing a contractor for foundation repair, quality matters. Foundation problems can cause damage throughout your whole home, harming walls, doors, stairs, and much more. But a poor foundation repair job can actually make things much worse. Once a bad foundation repair job is done, fixing the issue becomes much harder and more expensive. […]

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Doors Don’t Close Properly?

Many people think that a door not closing properly is a sure sign of foundation problems. While doors may indeed become misaligned when foundation settlement occurs, there are other things which can affect door alignments which are not foundation related. Some, but not all of these issues, include: Loose hinge screws Hinge metal fatigue (the […]

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Most common indicators of foundation problems

We are often asked: “How do I know if I have a foundation problem?” The short answer to that question is that foundation problems are a lot like LOVE – you’ll know it when it happens!! 😊 But, seriously – there are some common indicators you can look for. And the degree to which these […]

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