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Voyage Dallas Exclusive

We were featured in Voyage Dallas recently and here’s an excerpt of the interview with our founder, Roger Williamson:

In the summer of 1985, between semesters at Baylor University, I took a job with a foundation repair company here in the North Dallas area. As a beginning laborer, I dug holes and poured concrete. Over that summer I learned a lot about the operations side of the business – both good and bad lessons – and then went back to Baylor in the fall. The following summer, I decided I could do at least as good as the company for whom I had worked, so I borrowed money from my father to start a foundation repair company as a summer job – much as many of my friends mowed lawns in the summer.

I marketed myself relentlessly and found a few people desperate enough to hire a kid to do their job. I actually found that I had a knack for this business and an innate understanding of how houses would react to movement. By the end of the summer, I had actually earned enough to pay my tuition and pay my father back the money he had lent me.

By my senior year at Baylor, I was only taking Tuesday/Thursday classes as I had a 1-2 month backlog of work here in Dallas to do Fridays through Mondays. I changed my plans to attend Law School and have been running the foundation repair company ever since.

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