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Water Your Foundation

How to Water Your Foundation in the Texas Heat

The average cost of foundation repair in North Texas is around $5,600, with many homeowners in the DFW area facing foundation repair bills in excess of $10,000. Dallas Fort-Worth residents know that foundation issues are inevitable, it’s just a matter of when. However, Roger Williamson, owner of Williamson Foundation Repair, shares some helpful information to delay, minimize, and possibly even prevent foundation problems.

Though most residential sprinkler systems do an adequate job of keeping the yard alive and healthy throughout the year, most aren’t designed to specifically add extra water around the foundation when needed. For that reason, watering your foundation during the hotter, dryer months is something you should do in addition to whatever you are doing to keep your yard and shrubs alive.

Begin by setting up your soaker hose approximately 6 -12inches from the foundation of your home. You do not want the hose up against the foundation as this can potentially lead to other issues. Placing the soaker hose 6 -12 inches from the foundation will allow water to spread and saturate the supporting soils and help maintain consistent moisture levels in the soil around your home.

The best time of day to water is early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid excessive evaporation. Our goal is to get as much moisture into the soil around your home as possible. We recommend watering for 30 minutes to an hour at a time, but how often you water depends on the temperature. Below is a good rule of thumb.

  • How often you water depends on the temperature:

    • 100° or higher – water at least every other day in addition to the sprinkler system.
    • Less than 100°, but more than 85° – water twice a week.
    • Less than 85°, but more than 70° – water once a week.
    • Below 70° you do not need to supplement with additional water.

If you have a back or front concrete patio we recommend running the soaker hose around the patio to help maintain the stability of your patio. Lay a soaker hose across the gap between the driveway and the garage once a month during the summer months. Let water trickle down in that gap for 30 minutes to an hour.

Remember to keep consistent moisture in the soil around your home. Just as very dry conditions can be harmful to your foundation so can too much water or inconsistent watering. If one side is getting proper amounts of water from a soaker hose and the other side is not, over time this can lead to issues. We can’t stress enough that consistency is key.

A common question we get asked is if using a sprinkler or irrigation system is adequate enough for your foundation. The short answer is “No.” Sprinkler systems are normally installed facing away from your home’s foundation. Sprinklers are designed to water your lawn and keep plants and shrubs healthy but the majority are in no way designed to protect the foundation of your home.

If you have any more questions, contact our team at 469-698-8332 to schedule a FREE, no-obligation evaluation. A stable home is a happy home, with Williamson Foundation Repair.


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