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3 Tips to Hiring Foundation Repair – Part 2

Choosing the right foundation repair company is crucial for the safety of your home. Our previous post on what to look for when picking a foundation repair company is one of our most popular, so here are three more ways to find the right foundation contractors for you:

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  1. Expect a Lifetime Warranty

Some foundation repair companies try to rope you in with a “transferable” warranty. This sounds like it means the warranty persists no matter who owns the home – but it’s actually the opposite. In practice, a transferable warranty means extra work getting the warranty recognized later.

What kind of warranty should you look for? Expect a “lifetime” warranty. A lifetime warranty is good no matter who owns the house. It represents commitment from the foundation repair company to stand behind its work no matter what else is happening with the home in the future.

  1. Get a Second Opinion from a Structural Engineer

Almost every city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex requires a structural engineer to create or approve foundation repair plans. It’s especially crucial to have an unbiased second opinion when you need major work, like new interior piers on a home.

With insight from a structural engineer, you know you’re hearing an expert opinion that has nothing to do with selling more services. A good foundation repair team should offer to put you in touch with a qualified structural engineer, but never pressure you to use a specific one.

If the engineer’s report comes back with concerns about the repair plan, your contractor should be prepared to adapt. A second opinion gives you peace of mind and helps your team do the best job possible on your behalf.

  1. Beware the Hard Close

A hard close is a red flag, especially with something as important as foundation repair. If a representative pushes you to decide immediately, it’s usually because they don’t want you to shop around and talk to former customers who’ll set the record straight about their performance.

Our team never asks for the sale. We don’t make big decisions on the spot – why should you?

At Williamson Foundation Repair, we’ve been helping our friends and neighbors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area make informed choices about foundation repair for over 30 years, making us one of the area’s longest-serving foundation companies. For world-class quality and hometown customer care, contact us today.




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